Sexual Attraction Secrets With Women

Published: 05th November 2009
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You probably already know by now that you have to be able to create sexual attraction with a woman IF you want to be able to go beyond the initial stages and become intimate with a woman. This is where things go wrong for most men. Instead of triggering sexual attraction with a woman they are dating or they have just met, things come across way too platonic. As a result, they don't end up being seen in the eyes of a woman as a man that she wants to be with as more than a friend.

What can YOU do differently to create sexual attraction with a woman?

1. Your approach has to be different. From the onset, a woman usually knows whether or not she is going to sleep with a woman or if he is nothing more than a friend. When you approach a woman, you have to be able to trigger her attraction from the get go. You cannot use the passive approach and expect to spark fireworks with a woman.

2. You have to learn to escalate. You cannot go from hello straight to the bedroom. Well, not usually at least. You have to be able to escalate things with her in steps. When you first approach a woman and she is attracted to you, it's not an automatic green light. You have to keep increasing her attraction for YOU, until she cannot resist it, ANYMORE.

3. You have to be a risk taker. This does not mean to go out and jump out of a plane. Women ARE attracted to men that have alpha male qualities. One of these is to be a risk taker. Instead of standing there, waiting to make your move on her, just make it. You'd be surprised how many times guys lose a woman's interest because they waited TOO long.

Sexual Attraction Secrets

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