How to Make a Woman Lust For You

Published: 02nd December 2009
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When it comes to making a woman feel lust and passion, most men can use a little brushing up on their skills. If you seem to have problems with making a woman want to get intimate with you, then you definitely want to pay attention. After all, to be a guy that makes a woman feel lust and passion, is to be the kind of man that women sexually desire.

And most men WISH they could make a woman feel this way. Here are some helpful tips to make a woman lust after YOU:

1. You have to know how to touch a woman. If you have gotten your instruction on how to do this from "adult" movies, then you are going at it all wrong. A woman likes a soft and gentle, sensual touch. This is what drives her wild and makes her think wild thoughts of being passionate with you.

2. Your ability to kiss a woman is important. Again, if you do this all wrong, then it will be hard to get further and more intimate with a woman. Your kissing on a woman has to build her anticipation and make her feel the shivers of passion. You want to make her feel as though the rest of the world is slowly fading away when she is kissing you.

3. She has to associate you with SEX plain and simple. When a woman associates a man's face with sex, she will immediately feel the sexual urges to tackle him. And to do this, you have to demonstrate that you ARE an alpha male that she wants to be with.

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