How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You - 3 Tips to Make Her Heart Jump When She Sees YOU!

Published: 21st May 2010
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What happens when you meet a woman that seems to be EVERYTHING that you want in a woman?

Are you able to consciously do things to trigger her attraction for you and make her fall in love?

Most guys will admit when they are around a woman that they really desire that they feel a little lost, a little out of touch with what they should do to make her feel the same way. In fact, this is pretty much how it has gone down for a long time between men and women. The good thing is that there ARE things that you can specifically do to make a woman feel like she is falling in love with you.

And when you know what to do, then you can approach a woman that you are attracted to, even if you have known her for quite some time, and start to make her feel attraction for YOU!

Here are 3 tips that you can use to make a woman fall in love with you:

1. Be the kind of guy that surprises her. When a man and a woman meet, it's usually the same old story. And this can work to attract a woman, but it is much better to deviate from that same old story and be the guy that kind of takes her by surprise. Women will love this characteristic about you, and it is the kind of thing that they will go back to their girlfriends and talk about and talk about, all the while, the attraction for you is BUILDING up!

2. Use your body language to communicate with her. Quite often, a woman will meet a man that attracts her and she cannot really figure out the why. She will just know what she feels when she sees him, and that it makes her feel really good. Usually, it comes down to the body language that a man uses. See, most communication between people happens on a non verbal level, and so when you are able to use body language to communicate with her, she will get that feeling when she is around YOU!

3. Get her to laugh out loud. No one complains when they are with someone that keeps them laughing and if you want to make a specific woman fall for you, then do your best to make her laugh. You might think that you have to be the funniest guy that she knows to make her fall for you, but that is not the case. You just have to be able to make her laugh at the right moments and you can be assured that she will think fondly of you.

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