Female Seduction Tricks - How To Get Her To Go From Undecided To Head Over Heels For You

Published: 24th March 2010
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Female seduction is not an easy thing for average guys to master. In order to properly seduce a woman, you have to be able to go beyond what you *think* will work to attract and seduce her, and into knowing what will work based on real world situations and results. Quite often, you will find female seduction tricks that sound good, only to try them out and find that they do NOT work out very well when you actually approach a woman and try to make her want YOU.

What are some female seduction tricks that will make a woman go from lukewarm to HOT for you?

1. You have to master eye contact attraction with a woman. If you don't know how to look a woman in the eyes and immediately make her feel attraction for you, then you are going to start out on the losing end with a woman. To turn it around, you have to be able to use eye contact attraction to make her feel like she is immediately falling in love with you.

2. When you talk to her, it's about how you make her feel and not what you say. When guys learn female seduction tricks to attract and seduce women, they almost always start out looking for pick up lines and other slick things to say to a woman. While it's nice to be able to put together some clever lines to pick up women, it's much better to know how to make a woman feel. After all, she doesn't hear attraction, she FEELS attraction.

3. When you want to get her hot for you, you have to make it sexual. Look, you are not out there trying to pull off the boy next door kind of image if you want to seduce a woman. So, you have to be able to make her think about SEX when she sees you. If you don't you could end up spending all of your time and energy trying to attract her, and end up with nothing in return.

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