Female Attraction Tips - 5 Secrets About Women You Have To Know

Published: 16th March 2010
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If you are like most guys, then you probably feel like there are secrets to female attraction that are somehow out of your reach. You want to know what the right things to do to attract a woman are, but you seem to be missing out on something. Most of what you have been taught works to attract a woman, you know from experience is NOT all that effective. Are there female attraction secrets that you don't know, but SHOULD?

You bet there are. Women are pretty discreet when it comes to the things that they REALLY find attractive in a man, and in a lot of cases, they don't really know what attracts them to certain guys. All they know is that there are some guys out there that they cannot HELP but feel attracted to.

To help you discover what it is that you NEED to do to attract a woman, here are 5 female attraction tips that you should know, but most women will NEVER tell you:

1. Women are attracted to men that act like bad boys at the right time. They don't want a guy that is going to be a total jerk, but they definitely don't want a guy that is going to act like a total wimp, either. To give yourself that bad boy appeal with women, then you have to become a little more assertive. You cannot be the kind of guy that seems to lack a spine when a beautiful woman is around.

2. A man has to be able to show he is a social leader to attract women. All guys that are really good at attracting women have those qualities that make them seem like a social leader. This is usually known as acting like an alpha male. You have to be able to turn on the alpha male charm every once in a while if you really want to attract women like you have only dreamed about.

3. Women are not out to mooch off of you, so don't spend all of your money on her. Well, I should say most women. Sure, there are some out there that love to have a man spend all of his money on them, but for the most part, spending too much money on a woman is not going to create attraction with her. If you want to master female attraction, then you have to be able to get her to want you without opening up your wallet.

4. Female attraction is NOT a choice with women. Women do not sit down and create a list and then check off whether or not you fit that list of what they want or not. They just FEEL attracted to you or not. It's that simple, and that cut and dry. Don't let that get you down, though. You can tap into what a woman wants and what makes her attracted to a guy and then demonstrate those qualities to her.

5. Women are just as into physical intimacy as men are. They just happen to go about it differently. When a man wants to get sexual with a woman, he is usually pretty straight forward and blunt about it. When a woman wants sex, she is usually a lot more subtle and you have to know how to read her signals if you want to take things to the next level with her.

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