Female Attraction Secrets - What Women Don't Tell You

Published: 06th January 2010
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Some guys assume that a woman will flat out tell a man what she is looking for. Some guys think that as long as they get a little female input, they will know exactly what to do and say to a woman to make her fall for them. Yet, most of these guys end up spending their Friday and Saturday nights at home or with their buddies and not with a smoking hot, sexy woman. Hopefully, you will NOT be one of these guys.

Hopefully, you will realize that a woman will not tell you exactly what she wants in a man.

Half of the time, they are not even sure of it themselves.

You have to learn what a woman is attracted to and not what she says she likes. How many times have you seen a woman complain about dating bad boy types and immediately gravitate to the first bad boy hat she can find?

Being able to attract a woman goes deeper than just following what the women around you tell you to do. If this were to work, then all of those guys that have a flock of female friends, but no girlfriends, would not be in that situation. And you see this happen all of the time.

So, what aren't women telling YOU?

They won't tell you that more important than anything, is that feeling or that pull that they feel inside. Sometimes they cannot even explain it. It just is. You have to realize that attraction does not happen for logical reasons. They don't evaluate you like an investment. They just know how you make them feel.

And you better make them feel all tingly if you want to be the guy that they are attracted to. At least, as long as you don't want to end up being a male friend that gets to have coffee and conversations, but no intimacy with a woman.

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